Telus / Koodo iPhone Unlock Service

Telus / Koodo iPhone Unlock Service

Provider: Telus / Koodo
Models Supported: All iPhone Models
Service Status:
Price: 9.99

Please Enter IMEI#. Type *#06# on Dialpad to get IMEI#.


Supported Models:


Unlock all iPhone models from Telus / Koodo


WARNING: Prior to unlocking a phone, make sure the previous owner of the unit has shut off "findmyphone" and erased all contents & settings. Absolutely no refund for this problem. Please check your phones before you place the order. If you are the original owner of the phone that you are trying to unlock and you have the Apple ID & Password for the phone. Then you don't need to worry about this part. 

Unlock your phone in few easy steps - Read this before placing the order! 

1) Submit your IMEI # of the phone (Go to Settings > General > About to get IMEI# of the phone) - We can't process your order without IMEI# of the phone. 

2) Your phone will be unlocked within few hours. 

Few things to consider before placing the order:


1) If your iPhone is brand new out of the box, Please make sure that iPhone is activated with it's original network. For example, if it's a Rogers phone then use a Rogers sim card to activate the phone. If it's not a brand new out of the box phone then, no need to worry about this part.

2) Order can be canceled only within 1 hour from the time it was placed on our website. We can't cancel after one hour. Sorry there is no excuse.

3) The IMEI # is not barred / blacklisted / reported as stolen and the order is submitted to the correct method, with the correct IMEI #. No refunds are given for incorrectly submitted orders.

4) This unlock service is not transferable to a another phone. It is only for the IMEI# that you submit to us. If you have trouble unlocking it using iTunes, Please contact us immediately..

5) If the unlock did not work then we require Video Proof. Sorry, there is no other way to proof.




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